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001: Captain Cato Sicarius

002: Colonel Straken

003: Nazdreg

004: Zarathur, High Sorcerer

005: Packmaster Kith

006: Eldorath Starbane

007: Commander Shadowsun

Space Marines

008: Sicarius's Chosen

009: Cato's Stronghold

010: The Fury of Sicarius

011: Tallasarian Tempest Blade

012: 10th Company Scout

013: Tactical Squad Cardinas

014: Honored Librarian

015: Blood Angles Veterans

016: Daring Assault Squad

017: Land Raider

018: Ultramarines Dreadnought

019: Veteran Brother Maxos

020: Eager Recruit

021: Iron Hands Techmarine

022: Raven Guard Speeder

023: Deathwing Guard

024: Drop Pod Assualt

025: Indomitable

026: Exterminatus

027: Godwyn Pattern Bolter

028: Iron Halo

029: Fortress-Monastary

030: Holy Sepulchre

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